What exactly is far infrared (FIR) radiant heat? No need to worry- it has nothing to do
with either ultraviolet radiation (which gives you a sunburn and damages your skin) or
atomic radiation (the kind from a nuclear bomb).

Far Infrared Radiant heat is simply a form of energy that heats objects directly through a
process called conversion, without having to heat the air in between. Radiant heat is also
called infrared energy (IR). The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is
divided into 3 segments by wave length, measured in microns or micrometers (a micron
= 1/1,000,000 of meter): 0.076 – 1.5 microns = near or close; 1.5 – 5.6 = intermediate;
5.6-1,000= far or long wave infrared. The infrared segment of the electromagnetic
spectrum occurs just below or "infra" to red light, which we perceive as heat. Our sun
produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Our
atmosphere allows IR rays in the 7-14 micron range to safely reach the earth’s surface.
When warmed, the earth radiates infrared rays in the 7-14 micron band with its peak
output at 10 microns.

The sun is the principal source of radiant energy that we experience daily. Have you
ever been outside on a partly cloudy spring day of about 50 degrees and felt quite
comfortable when suddenly the sun was obscured by a cloud? Although the air
temperature had not had time to drop, you felt chilled, as the cloud would not let the
warming infrared rays through to reach you. The infrared heat in the FIR heat sauna is
just like the heat from our sun or that which our own bodies produce as they burn fuel to
keep us warm.
Far Infrared Sauna
30 min. Sauna
while listening to
or just relaxing
with your
favorite book.
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Some of the Many Benefits
from use of a Far Infrared Sauna are:
Relief for Arthritis,  Muscle Spasms,  Headache,
Sinus Congestion  *  Benefit Your Skin
Provides the Same Effects as Exercise
Reduce Stress  *  Weight Control
Strengthened Immune System
Weight Control - Perspiring is part
of the complex thermoregulatory
process of the body that increases
the heart rate, cardiac output and
metabolic rate. The process requires
a large amount of the energy and
reduces moisture, salts and
subcutaneous fat. Fat becomes
soluble at 42 deg. C and the body
sweats out the fats and toxins. It
aids in cellulite reduction, burns as
much as 500 calories in 30 minutes
and improves enzyme activity.

Strengthened Immune System
During a fever, the body heats up
to eliminate viruses and attack
foreign agents. Subsequently, the
body wards off invading organisms
much more easily because the
immune system is activated
consistently by the “artificial fever”
Recent studies also show that colds
and flu-like illnesses are reduced
dramatically if treated in early
stages with sauna therapy.  It
improves the respiratory system
and sinus congestion.  This sauna
stimulates endorphins of the brain
and kills organisms like bacteria
and parasites. It improves the
immune system by sweating at a
lower, more comfortable
temperature than a conventional
hot sauna.
Expel Toxins - Detoxification:          
nicotine, cholesterol, hydrocarbon    
residues and carcinogenic heavy      
metals accumulate in the body         
during modern daily life. Infrared     
heat therapy reduces the buildup
of  toxins and mineral waste by

Pain Relief - FIR heat relieves pain
by expanding blood vessels and
increasing circulation. Better
circulation allows more oxygen to
reach injured areas of the body and
helps reduce pain and speed up the
healing process. Many People use
FIR heat as a successful treatment
headache, and rheumatism.

Benefit Your Skin - Infrared heat is
excellent for increasing blood
circulation to the skin, which is
essential for beautiful, youthful,
glowing skin! It expels dirt and
chemicals and removes dead cells
on the surface of the skin. It also
reduces wrinkling, helps scars and
acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Provides the Same Effects as  
- The heart receives a
workout similar to a 6 mile run in a
20-30 minute sauna session by
perspiring the same amount.
Infrared saunas are perfect for
those that do not have time for
regular exercise or suffer from
injuries that inhibit rigorous.
activity. Strengthens the
cardiovascular system and
muscle tone.
What is Far Infrared?
30 minutes.....$15     45 minutes.....$20
5 sessions.....$60       5 Sessions.....$80